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    fair ! 박람회 !
    11 Okt 2012 • comment • Add comment {0}

    ok , dah DEACTIVE kan TWITTER

    awk yg suruh sy buad nie kn ?? so sy da buad ! 
    than awk kate sy kne buad FACEBOOK baru , ok sy buad
    dn facebook sy tu cuma boleh ade friend
    PEREMPUAN sahaja .
    ok fine ! , i do it !

    nie facebook baru ! aku buad !

    Dan yg paling penting ! facebook awk pun sy deactivekn jugak ye ??
    fair lhaa bgy sy ehh ??

    tu ! nmpk tu ! 
    dah buad dah facebook baru awk ! nty sy txt email and psword kayy ??

    cemburu sngt ! you like to be the king of control !
    never mind ! i'm still can accept you

    only, wait and see what happens after this ..